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Period 1
Period 3

Distance Demonstration

Scientific Notation

Slope Intercept Form, Quiz yourself

Slope Intercept Form and Coordinate System

Point-Slope Form

Parallel Slopes

Perpendicular Slopes

Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal - Corresponding Angles

Parallel Lines - Angle Relationships

Exterior and Interior Angles of a Triangle

Pythagorean Theorem

The Hypotenuse

Pythagorean Theorem Visual Concept

Exponential Functions

Distance Time Graph Match

Graph Position Over Time ( walking to school, track speed too)

Graph Position Over Time ( swing)

Exponential Functions with a vertical shift

Motion Graph, bouncing ball

Extrude to prism, cylinder, pyramid, or cone

Build Volumes Formulas

Memorize Volumes Formulas - Simple

Memorize Volumes Formulas - Difficult

Volumes and Areas - Flash Cards

Pictures from the last day of school